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Hardtack in enwp

Hardtack - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia fix xl

snack: bread roll

bread roll which was forgotten in the morning...

lunch: fried fish filet

Fried red trout filet with yogurt sauce potatoes with chervil broccoli with almonds potato-based soup

breakfast: 1 croissant

croissant missing a bread roll, while brought it...

dinner: fish

fish potato apple paste

lunch: berry muffin, choco croissant

berry muffin choco croissant

breakfast: n/a

Too slow...

IBM-related 80GB HDD, made in 2003 - CrystalDiskMark 2.2 (C) 2007-2008 hiyohiyo Crystal Dew World : http://crystalmark.info/ - Sequential Read : 40.473 MB/s Sequential Write : 39.821 MB/s Random Read 512KB : 24.137 MB/s Random Write 512KB …

Recent security updates in DokuWiki 2009-12-25c

As I guess that no patch was published by DokuWiki release team and/or it's related people, I got the following patch by myself, which is a difference between 2009-12-25 and 2009-12-25c: diff -ur dokuwiki/VERSION dokuwiki-2009-12-25c/VERSI…

now sick for the first time!!!

oh, no... sh*t!!!

lunch: Pork stew and risotto

Pork stew with mustard sauce polenta Valle Cavalin green beans It looks not so good, but it still tasty.

breakfast: toast with eggs, yogurt

Toast (x2) Eggs (heated) (x2) Cranberry yogurt

"Hatena Citizen" (or "Hatena Diary Citizen")

According to the below, id:ayucatch is not a "Hatena Citizen" even or "Hatena Diary Citizen"... 4 entries are required to become such a person ;) 記事を書いた日数 26日 はてなダイアリー市民 はてなダイアリー市民ではありません ayucat.ch

MSysGit 1.6.6を探してみた

今使っているMSysGitバージョンは2009年11月くらいに入れた1.6.5.1 (Git-を使った、はず)。 最新を追いかけたいので、探してみたけど、公式サイトには見つからず。Google上位に上がっていたTweetも役立たない。 実はこれでうまく…

Load to MSysGit 1.6.6

The current msysgit version I'm using is (powered by Git- I'm eager to update the latest one, but there is no update release at the official website.Here this tweet is not useful to find a good news... …



a couple of days

This week, I have been busy all the time >_



Redirect techniques with RewriteRule with R=301 (Apache 2.2)

The time to set dozens of redirects with RewriteRule and its R=301 option on Apache 2.2 as follows: RewriteBase / RewriteRule foobar.html$ foobar [R=301,L] RewriteRule dogcat.html$ dogcat [R,L],,, Cool!!!

Chiasso (short stay)

couldn't find anything there around the main station except for looking a group of 3 or 4 Japanese people waiting for something. They were from Milan (or other area in Italy), I guess, and didn't talked to them, as they were in the waiting…

Lugano to Chiasso (with S-Bahn)

This might be my first time to ride S-Bahn... S-Bahn is a local train, which stops at every station. A train for S-Bahn is newer than rapid express trains such as IC (InterCity) and RE (RegioExpress), which is my question... (My current an…


Arrived there at 9 am, but only a few people were in the station. As found a kind of cable train, tried this with 1.10 CHF but I think it was not worth riding as you can walk down easily. At the end station of the cable car(?), completely …

to Lugano (with ICN)

Following these music parties: music at ca 5 places around Belluvue, Zurich Silvester fireworks and music at midnight in Zurich - ayucat.ch d:id:ayucatch:20091231:Silvester, I walked back the place for missing one glove and then to the mai…

New Year 2010!!!

The beginning of the year 2010 was quite different from ones of recent these years as the three following points: stayed outside At least recent three times (2007, 2008 and 2009) I was inside a building. stayed alone At least recent three …