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Silvester fireworks and music at midnight in Zurich

from 2300 through 2800 fireworks after the midnight music at ca 5 places around Belluvue, Zurich etc

Interlaken (with IR?)

walked on the main street from the station Ost to the station West for 1 hour?. missed Chocholate Show in the middle way.

Bern, again (with IC)

for Rosti, but couldn't find the restaurant...

Overslept!!! no way!

started with 6-hour oversleeping.

passed through Sprüngli at Hauptbahnhof


passed through Sprüngli at Hauptbahnhof


Xmas tree is no more at Hauptbahnhof (the main station)


lunch: not recognized the noon...

breakfast: no time and no food!

Had only less than one hour to go home without being soaked...

this morning, it was raining after 6 a.m., more or less... through this noon, it continued to rain... almost the evening, when had decided to go back because was so hungry and tired completely, the rain slowed much!was lucky!!! was a lucky…

snack: Brioche

all other parts of that of breakfast

lunch: Sausage, Home-baked small baguette, Salad

brunch, instead of pure lunch! big and long sausage small baguette (home-baked!!!) salad with creme source clementine (mandarin orange)

breakfast: Brioche

at 5 am!!! sliced brioche milk


楽天系のネット銀行(ネットバンク)からメールが来ていた。 Subject: イーバンク銀行からのお知らせ[メッセージがあります] Date: Fri, 25 Dec 2009 19:00:xx +0900 (JST)×× ××様(××××@××××.co.jp) イーバンク銀行をご利用いただきありがとうございます。新…

After Eight (minty chocolate) by Nestlé (de)

After Eight Thin Mints (After Eights) are a confectionery product described as "mint enrobed in dark chocolate" (although a milk chocolate version became available in 2006) and are intended, as the name suggests, to be used as after-dinner…

lunch: almost sick too

Hmm, again!

breakfast: almost sick


(quick) dinner: rice & miso soup

rice miso soup black tea 白米 味噌汁 紅茶

lunch: white source-based pasta

Alpine macaroni (with white source) with vegetables Red paprika-based soup アルペンマカロニ 野菜とポテト盛りだくさん オレンジ色のパプリカ系スープ ぼちぼち。次第点だったけど、ちょっと残念。

breakfast: no time


ラインエアーとイージージェット (Ryanair & EasyJet) は方向転換をしなくてはならなくなったそうです。 This may be good news for shareholders, but passengers will lose out as there will be less pressure on the airlines to offer promotions such …

lunch: Spanish breakfast

Spanish omelet (simple) with honey Pineapple (whole) a little bit salty...

breakfast: n/a

sleep and sleep rather than meals!


mixiニュース上位へのすごれん占有率が高くて困っています。 クリスマスに予定の入っていない男性は、「モテない」男性の可能性があり、デートしても楽しくないというリスクがあります。 某すごれん記事 via mixiニュース 某氏mixi日記 最近、このリスクは高…

Picasa 3.6リリース

Picasa 3.6がリリースされたみたいです。早速アップグレードしなくては。 You can now download Picasa 3.6, the latest release of Picasa photo management software, at picasa.google.com.Key updates in Picasa 3.6: Added support for Collaborative A…

snack: apple pie & potato chips

a piece of apple pie potato chips (whole) アップルパイ? (2.80) ポテトチップス 塩味 (1.90)

lunch: sesame croissant with energy drink

a sesame croissant energy drink (chocolate) get one or two immediately whenever I find dozens of croissants ゴマ風味クロワッサン 3.3dlくらいのエナジードリンク・チョコ味 最近もはやクロワッサン依存症。

breakfast: apple pie & potato chips

meat from ... vegetable salad トナカイの肉 野菜サラダ (パプリカ入り)

Bug: how to add questions to watchlist (人力検索はてな)

account name is q:id:ayucatch. why doesn't it work at all? ... No, it works but it showed error after the system added it to my watchlist, aha.I do NEVER completely understand how the gateways in Hatena work???

dinner: pork rolls with vegetable sources

pork-like rolls with vegetable sources salad with yogurt source So good taste!!! ;) with colleagues. 肉っぽい物体のほうれん草巻き キノコと野菜のホワイトソース ヨーグルトベースドレッシングをかけすぎたサラダ なんかおいしかった。おなかが減っ…