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Picasa 3.6リリース

Picasa 3.6がリリースされたみたいです。早速アップグレードしなくては。

You can now download Picasa 3.6, the latest release of Picasa photo management software, at picasa.google.com.

Key updates in Picasa 3.6:

  • Added support for Collaborative Albums. Now you can upload to a friend's album right from Picasa. You can also invite collaborators to your own albums when you're uploading photos or sharing with friends.
  • Added option to share with groups during upload process.
  • Added name tag recommendations when viewing albums or folder in the People Panel.
  • Improved control over name tags: you can remove certain folders from being scanned for faces by toggling face detection for any folder.
  • Added the ability to create and save custom crop sizes.
  • Added an option to preserve original JPG compression quality when uploading to Picasa Web Albums. This will take up more online storage space, but upgrade prices are now much more affordable.
  • Added option to import photos by date taken, today's date, or a custom folder name. If "date taken" is selected, photos will be automatically organized and saved to separate folders by date.
The Picasa 3 ReadMe: Picasa 3.6, now with collaborative albums - Build 95.18