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snack: apple pie & potato chips

a piece of apple pie potato chips (whole) アップルパイ? (2.80) ポテトチップス 塩味 (1.90)

lunch: sesame croissant with energy drink

a sesame croissant energy drink (chocolate) get one or two immediately whenever I find dozens of croissants ゴマ風味クロワッサン 3.3dlくらいのエナジードリンク・チョコ味 最近もはやクロワッサン依存症。

breakfast: apple pie & potato chips

meat from ... vegetable salad トナカイの肉 野菜サラダ (パプリカ入り)

Bug: how to add questions to watchlist (人力検索はてな)

account name is q:id:ayucatch. why doesn't it work at all? ... No, it works but it showed error after the system added it to my watchlist, aha.I do NEVER completely understand how the gateways in Hatena work???