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昼: 天丼

日本円で600円程度の天丼 いまいち。具がおいしくないし、たれも全くおいしく感じられず。

lunch: Ten-don

Ten-don in a cafeteria (eq. approx. 600 JPY)

lunch: fried fish filet

Fried red trout filet with yogurt sauce potatoes with chervil broccoli with almonds potato-based soup

dinner: fish

fish potato apple paste

lunch: Pork stew and risotto

Pork stew with mustard sauce polenta Valle Cavalin green beans It looks not so good, but it still tasty.

lunch: white source-based pasta

Alpine macaroni (with white source) with vegetables Red paprika-based soup アルペンマカロニ 野菜とポテト盛りだくさん オレンジ色のパプリカ系スープ ぼちぼち。次第点だったけど、ちょっと残念。

dinner: pork rolls with vegetable sources

pork-like rolls with vegetable sources salad with yogurt source So good taste!!! ;) with colleagues. 肉っぽい物体のほうれん草巻き キノコと野菜のホワイトソース ヨーグルトベースドレッシングをかけすぎたサラダ なんかおいしかった。おなかが減っ…

lunch: Roasted rouget filet with with caper parsley sauce

Roasted rouget filet with caper parsley sauce steamed potatoes zucchetti ぼちぼち。キュウリみたいなのがすごくまずかった。 魚のフィレ ケイパーパセリのソース添え 蒸しポテト キュウリ?

lunch: a kind of stew of millets and vegis

it was soooooo terrible! Pot-stew with orange and pumpkin, green lentils and millet season salad アワ・キビのグレープフルーツ・かぼちゃ・レンズ豆・ハーブ乗せ レンズ豆はレンティルとも? 季節のサラダ(ホウレンソウとニンジン w/イタリアンドレ…

Lunch: Sliced beef (garden style)

Sliced beef "Garden style" with vegetables glacer hut Brussels sprouts i dont like it at all 厚切り牛肉のフライ ゆで芽キャベツ フライドポテト (塩)

Lunch: Fried neck of pork

Fried neck of pork (Forester style) pizzokel (pasta) red cabbage (with vinegar?) great except for red cabbage, i dont like it at all...

Pork ragout

Pork ragout with pepper sauce pilaw rice broccoli salada w/Italian