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Load to MSysGit 1.6.6

The current msysgit version I'm using is (powered by Git-
I'm eager to update the latest one, but there is no update release at the official website.

Here this tweet is not useful to find a good news...

#msysgit + #git 1.6.6 on #windows http://bit.ly/poMYu http://bit.ly/1sy8e

Twitter / alexandrul: #msysgit + #git 1.6.6 on #windows ...

See also (in Japanese)

about previous updates of msysgit:

Official how-to-update

Fortunately, I found how to update MSysGit as follows:

Together with Git for Windows, the build environment msysGit advances, too. If you want to stay on top of those developments, just use Git itself.

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