ayucat.ch 2015-16

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MacBook Pro 11": buy and setup

Purchased MacBook Pro 11" (2.4GHz, 4GB) and am setting up the development environment.

Yesterday (daytime)

Decided to buy other Win7-based notebook (ultrabook?) due to its price and performance.

Last (mid)night

Consulted troubles in iOS-application development with Appcelerator Titanium from a friend, but couldn't resolve that in a short time.

Today's morning

Changed my mind to get MacBook Air (either 11 or 13 inch) to help them to solve yesterday's problem.

Today's lunch+

Finally decided to buy MBA 11" (4GB, SSD 64GB).

Today's afternoon

Reached a store, but they didn't have any stock so changed again my mind to get MBP 11" (the prices were almost the same). Bought MBP 11" and move to a tech conference and came back to the office.

22:00 (JST)

Was not in time for coffee. Stripped the tape of the MBP box very slowly (tooooo sticky) for 30+ min. Opened and launched MBP.


Came back to home. Xcode and Titanium Studio were installed. Installed VirtualDJ Home, too, at the same time.


Am testing Titanium code NOW...


Now MacBook (Pro) (2011) is not so bad but worth to use while mac computers had been terrible for a long time.
Need more time to get used to mac. tired tired tired,,,

Summary (2)

  • Xcode
  • Java update
  • Appcelerator Titanium Studio
  • Command Line Tools & iOS 5.0 Simulator (from Downloads preferences on Xcode)
  • homebrew (w/ brew install git)