ayucat.ch 2015-16

id:ayucatのぶろぐ (Nexus 5 (2015) / iPhone 6s / Galaxy S6 edge / iOS 9 / Ubuntu Trusty / Android 6.0 Marshmallow / Thunderbird / AWS / クラブ / 祭り / 花火 / 海 / 野外フェス)

FON account provided through SoftBank, JP

My FON account is ready to use just from now...: this account is provided by FON through SoftBank.JP.

Message-ID: <XXXXXXXXXX.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.JavaMail.www-data@fonesbblXX.es.fon.srv>
Date: Xxx, 99 Jan 20XX hh:mm:ss +HH00 (XXX)
To: "**********@i.softbank.jp" <**********@i.softbank.jp>
Subject: Softbank FON account registered

Username: **********@i.softbank.jp
		Password: ********
		These credentials are not for your iPhone. Use them to connect to FON WiFi with your computer.

For now id:ayucatch may use FON WiFi network ;)